Its Name “REAL ESTATE” Do You Know Why


Why do we refer to a specific asset as REAL estate when there are so many different kinds of assets?

Obviously, when we own a house, a piece of land, a building, or anything else, it is real, and it is a part of our estate; however, what is commonly referred to as real property has unique, individual value, and is viewed differently than many other assets.


As a New York State Real Estate Licensed Salesperson for over a decade, I consider it an honor and privilege to be able to assist and represent clients and customers in their quest to buy or sell these assets. With that in mind, this article will use the mnemonic approach to consider, examine, review, and discuss what this means and represents.


  1. Real estate ownership entails both rights and responsibilities! If these are not taken seriously, one risks jeopardizing one’s own interests! Prior to making a purchase, a potential, the qualified buyer must establish a relationship with the real estate agent he hires and trusts to assist him in making the best decision possible. Doesn’t it make sense to proceed as wisely and cautiously as possible, given that most people’s personal home is their single, largest financial asset? Examine your true motivations for purchasing a home, and in particular, a specific one! Be ready from the start for the necessary upkeep, maintenance, repairs, renovations, and desired upgrades! To put it another way, make a plan!



  1. Insist on something; give an example; make an effort: Will you be willing to put your focus where it will benefit you the most, in terms of serving your personal interests and needs, as well as preserving and enhancing the property’s value, and so on? How will you concentrate your efforts so that the house becomes a model that others are drawn to and want to buy?


  1. Attitude, ability, actions, and assets: Proceed with a positive, can-do attitude and a well-developed aptitude and skill set, which will enrich your experiences and increase the value of your asset! Don’t just talk; keep it real and take the steps necessary to make the home-buying process a positive experience!


  1. Read as much relevant information as possible when buying and owning real estate, listen to those with true expertise and professional knowledge (qualified real estate agents, for example), and commit to learning thoroughly and proceeding wisely!



You may be well-served, but owning REAL property/real estate, or owning a home, for example, may not be for you! Will you make a commitment to figuring out what’s best for you? Think!

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